Beginner Guide for Facebook Marketing and Promoting Your Product

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Now if you know the basics of Facebook and you have successfully made you profile login to begin the Facebook marketing. It is one of the most popular free marketing platform where you have choices either to do it all by yourself or get your content or product sponsored on internet.

Create a Professional Profile

First you are required created a Profile that will help people to know what you do, where are you located and what you have done in the past. This will not only help them to know you but will also build trust when you start sending messages to particular audience that might need your product or services.

  • Add professional profile picture
  • Add Product Caption of the picture
  • Don’t Use Fancy Profile Name
  • Add Your Designation in (Optional Name)
  • Write Details of your job and your services in details
  • Add Past Experiences like Internship Volunteering
  • Add Any Professional Course or Training you have done
  • Add people who belong to your professional circle and mention them in your Bio

Create Your Business/Brand Page

Creating page mostly confuse people with profile. A profile is somewhere you can add people and share your words, pictures and activity with only people who are added in your profile. But a Page is a separate area where you share pictures, stories, products with anyone who has likes your page. In profile you have option to either add or remove a person but in page it is for all the people who visit page and like it in order to get the updates from your page.

  • Give your company details on page about us
  • Add logo image of your company as your profile picture
  • Add a professional banner that tell about what you are providing
  • At Username this will help in tagging your page name anywhere
  • Give you website and contact details on page
  • Mention other social media address (LinkedIn Twitter and YouTube) In Bio
  • Post Blogs and Images With proper detailed Description
  • Mention Website or Use Hash Tags like #OnlineStore #BestDeals In description
  • Tag people in Special Discount Offers
  • Invite People to like your page and request them to share as well

Join Relevant Facebook Group

Facebook gives you opportunity to join groups that are relevant to your business. These groups are like community where you join people that belong to different countries and are joined at one place to share their stories experiences problem with relevant business groups. Suppose you have an online store. You can join ‘Buy and Sell Products Online’ groups and start sharing your products and services after reading the terms and condition of the groups. Because in case you break any rules, group admins might remove your from group.

Create Facebook post By Yourself

Before posting a photo, you need to know that people now days only attract to post that looks and created professionally. To create such a professional and decent post you don’t have be a graphic designer here is online editor name where you can add a photo and edit just the way you want. Add text add logo and use amazing frame and other styles for creating post to share on your page.

Post your daily blog or image that defines your company services so that people may know that what you are providing them.


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