How to Writer Product Title That Sells Faster

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There are number of things you have to be very conscious about while listing a product by yourself. Just like product description helps visitor to know more about the product same goes for the product image quality and other Product heading or title as well. You need to be very careful about these particular components that make a proper and correct product listing. Here as we have seen that many online store copies and paste the product heading from other online stores and use them for their products. Which is first unethical and second it even makes you lose your sell as they might also not use these proper guidelines to create the best product heading ever.

So here are some simple steps you can follow to create best product heading that makes your product boost:

Google Your Product!

Google your product means if you are selling leather brown shoe type this on Google it will help you to know what is the main keyword that each of the Google search result is showing. See if all the results are using Brown Leather or Leather Brown shoes. See the pattern if this keyword is mention in the first heading or in the product details. Note down these keywords for your entire product collection separately and see what other feature quality they are also mentioned in their product heading.

Go To Amazon or EBay

These are the best online ecommerce website where people around the world list and sell their products. Here you can find exactly how to name the product so that people can find your product easily. Let suppose people are using boots instead of shoe so you have to find products similar to your product and see what words people are using in their heading to define the product. Amazon has much limit for using words in their heading as compare to limited product listing heading. You need to search similar products on these two platforms and search they most frequently used keyword trending on these platforms.

Add Keyword Properly

Once you know that these are the most frequently uses keywords mention in the product heading add the variety, size, model number and Free offer in the product listing. For example, Tempered Glass For iPhone 6Plus With Free Mobile Cover. This will not only add an extra appeal but will also help customers who are always looking for something extra. You can edit you listing and add something else with the deal just the way you want it.

Meta Keywords

These keywords are those keywords that help boosting your product other than just using keywords that are mentioned in your product listing heading. While doing keyword research save those extra words that are defining details of the products for example if you are selling mobile phone case use these extra keywords in the second title or product description (Red iPhone Case, Flexible iPhone Case, Apple Mobile Phone Case, Smart Phone Case, Mobile Phones For Girls etc.)

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