Tips for Product Pictures and Editing – Beginners Guide

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Picture, they are the main key factor that people neglect while listing or uploading them on their online store. Without having a clear product picture one can’t sell anything to buyer as they are only able to see but not touch your product. This is one of the main reason why most of the online retailers fails to identify either what makes their sales drop. Most retailers are careless about the quality of picture as it take an extra part from budget to get the quality picture and proper editing. This is why some of the online stores lose their customers no matter how much effort they are doing to bring customers on their store line.

Here are some of the key points which can help you improving your product picture quality and help you excelling in ecommerce progressively

Is HD Camera Is Necessary?

YES! We can say it’s okay to take pictures only from you cell phone no matter how much mega pixels it has. Without any delay if you have just started your online store get your hands on a professional or at least a digital camera to take the photo of your product.

I don’t have Studio or Model, what to do?

Now here are certain things that are ‘okay’ in ecommerce. This helps people to save money without risking the copy rights of any picture. First don’t use someone else product pictures this is one of the unethical way of ruining your online reputation as Google might claim you for using someone else property. Many retailers keeps the copy rights of images which means if any of the other retailer use their pictures for their purpose without acknowledging them then they must get punish for that.

So if you don’t have studio, make one. There are a lot of video available on YouTube where you can get easy guideline to build your own studio in just less than $20. Models, they cost too much isn’t it? Well for just starting you own online clothing store, get the help of your nearest and dearest. Make them wear your product and get the most natural and clear picture even outside the studio but makes sure that you take clear picture where colors and shadow are balanced.

Create Homemade Studio for Product Photography

Editing Image

If you know even basics of Photoshop you can master it by practicing, why we are suggesting Photoshop? Because not only for product editing, you will need it for creating your own customized flyer, social media post and other marketing content that will not only increase you sales but also will help you to create anything just the way you want it. Else use Pic Monkey or Pixler Express which are online editors and works best for it.

Add You Company Logo

Ones you are done with cropping the size, image quality and other detailed editing you must need to add your logo at the corner or the image. You can add your logo as a watermark on image so that nobody else would think to steal it as it’s really very difficult to remove watermark from any picture.

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