Why SEO is Important for All Ecommerce Website

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood term in the world of ecommerce and marketing. This is because of its certain characteristics that make many people get confused about its function an importance in the field of online business marketing. Here is a simple introduction of SEO that will not only help you lose the fear comes from this term and will also help you to start planning for SEO optimization for you website or online store.

What Is Search Engine and Keywords

Like Google, Bing and Yahoo, people all around the world use these three and other search engine websites to find what they are looking for. For instance if you want to build Online Store, you will go to Google and type ‘How To Build Online Store’ or ‘Online Store Development Company’ or ‘I want to build online store’. These question or words are called KEYWORDS. They comprise three or more words that tell Google what you are actually looking for.

Importance of Keywords

About millions of people search millions of things over these search engines for their various purposes. If some wants to buy house in Canada they will type ‘Home for Rent in Canada’ or ‘Cheap Home for Rent in Canada’ or most probably they type ‘Looking for Rental House in Canada’ these are the main keywords for finding the rental home in Canada. So if you are selling any shoe and you want people to find you through Google search engine then you have to think what will your buyer will type so that you use the same keywords in your product listing and Google will detect from your website and show it to the person who is looking for your product or services.

How Many Keywords I Should Use?

Now as there are millions of people who type several different words on search engine you need to know the most popular keywords these search engines detects. For this you can use Uber suggests, Long Tail Pro, SEMrush, and Majestic and get plenty of Keywords that you can use in you content. Don’t use all the keywords, all you have to use certain limited keywords in your content in such a way that it makes sense to you content don’t stiff abundantly. Once you use these keywords in your website content such as content for about us, services, product description and even in Meta description you now need to know that this process called keyword optimization.

What SEO Does More Than This?

By using these keywords these search engine will not only suggest your website for visitors but it will gradually increase your website ranking as well. In the world of search engine (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) the higher is your ranking the more chances are there that your visitors will increase. This all SEO optimization is done in order to achieve higher ranking and getting more traffic from search engines which ultimately increase your sales.

Why Do I Have To Hire a SEO PERSON?

Now that you know that what is SEO and what are keywords, remember that there are a lot of other things that requires completing the whole SEO optimization process it is timely depends on the strategy you are going to apply for SEO optimization and you need patience because nobody can tell when exactly your site will rank.

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